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Who Is This For?

Married couples and single parents.

Rock Your Marriage is an online, streaming video marriage workshop designed for married couples to enjoy in the privacy of your own home. This workshop will provide you with principles from God’s word that can transform your marriage. It will give you a game plan for dealing with communication and conflict issues. There are also several sessions on dealing with anger and even God’s plan for sexual intimacy. Full of life and humor, with a emphasis on application, this 15 session workshop can be logged onto from any internet-connected computer at any time

Rock Your Family is for parents. Couples or single parents will benefit from this workshop. Is there anything better than being a parent? Is there anything harder than being a parent? Do your kids make you want to pull your hair out? Our kids made us pull ALL of my hair out! This workshop is full of principles and truths from God's Word on the daunting task of raising kids. Whether you are in the early stages of parenting or the teen years or just getting ready to send them off, you will find insights and practical how to's that can be applied starting today. This workshop will walk you through the toddler discipline decisions as well as the teenage rebellion issues from a couple who have "been there and done that. Developed by Dave and Ann Wilson, national marriage and parenting conference speakers for 26 years…and the Detroit Lions Chaplain (this year we win the Super Bowl!)...oh yeah, and they also raised 3 perfect kids...NOT!...this material will impact you and how you raise your children. Trust me, you will be glad you took this workshop and SO WILL YOUR KIDS!

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